článku: English ales I.

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Diki Honza!, (steve, 25.09.2008 08:34) celé vlákno | reagovat
Thanks honza for the informace. I managed to track this hospody down a while ago.....The English beer there was verylimited..only having 'Newcastle brown' ale - which I do not rate very highly.
I know it is too much, to ask for 'cask conditioned' ale but I was hoping for something from the 'Fullers' brewery 'Batemans' 'shepherds neame' or even 'wychwood'
Like I said there is such an array of flavours and depth in british ales - you are most likely aware of this! - I find it funny when speaking to czech people they think of english beer as Lager and nothing more not knowing about the range of beers we have to offer.

My favourite bottled czech beer is 'Bernard' Non pasteurised. And for a truly fresh beer the pivovarsky dum at i.p. pavlova! Good fresh beer!.

Dobro Chut!


Re: Diki Honza!, (Weetek, 25.09.2008 13:02) celé vlákno | reagovat
Hey, Steve,
concerninh Wychwood, you can get 3 bottled beers from this brewery, namely Black Wych (a splendid stout), WychCraft Blonde Beer and good old Hobgoblin in ... well, oddly enough, in a bookstore Tallpress in Masná street (New Town, Prague 2). The store sells mainly sci-fi and fantasy literature and Wychwood beers seem to go very well with these books. The site also sells bottled Westons ciders. They change the beers on sale from time to time, used to sell also sevewral Belhaven beers but the selection differs mainly due to problems with the custom office. Prices are very moderate! Check out of you wish :-)
Re: Re: Diki Honza!, (Evan Rail, 27.09.2008 11:13) celé vlákno | reagovat
Hi Steve, Weetek,

The Wychwood beers available at Cider Club (aka Tallpress) are listed here:


Prices are nice, around 45 Kc. However, the location I'm thinking of is not on Masná street: it's at Řeznická 12 in New Town, just off Štěpánská.

A few more English ales (at higher prices) are available from Christopher Robertson's British food shops:


They used to carry Old Speckled Hen, but I don't see it listed there now.

Hope that helps. Best, Evan