článku: English ales I.

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Diki Honza!, (steve, 25.09.2008 08:34) celé vlákno | reagovat
Thanks honza for the informace. I managed to track this hospody down a while ago.....The English beer there was verylimited..only having 'Newcastle brown' ale - which I do not rate very highly.
I know it is too much, to ask for 'cask conditioned' ale but I was hoping for something from the 'Fullers' brewery 'Batemans' 'shepherds neame' or even 'wychwood'
Like I said there is such an array of flavours and depth in british ales - you are most likely aware of this! - I find it funny when speaking to czech people they think of english beer as Lager and nothing more not knowing about the range of beers we have to offer.

My favourite bottled czech beer is 'Bernard' Non pasteurised. And for a truly fresh beer the pivovarsky dum at i.p. pavlova! Good fresh beer!.

Dobro Chut!


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